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Premier Canada reageert op terreuraanslag Somalische asielzoeker: ‘Kracht Canada komt vanuit diversiteit’

“The Government of Canada and Canadians stand with the people of Edmonton after the terrorist attack on Saturday,” he said. “I am deeply concerned and outraged by this tragedy.

“Our thoughts are with those injured, their family and friends, and all those affected by this senseless act of violence. While the investigation continues, early reports indicate that this is another example of the hate that we must remain ever vigilant against. The RCMP and the Edmonton Police Service, through the Integrated National Enforcement Team, are working closely together to bring those involved to justice.

“We cannot – and will not – let violent extremism take root in our communities. We know that Canada’s strength comes from our diversity, and we will not be cowed by those who seek to divide us or promote fear.”


Linkspammer 2 oktober 2017

4 gedachten over “Premier Canada reageert op terreuraanslag Somalische asielzoeker: ‘Kracht Canada komt vanuit diversiteit’”

  1. Hans schreef:

    Oorlog is vrede
    Vrijheid is slavernij
    Onwetendheid is kracht

  2. Vladimir schreef:

    Hij heeft nog niet door, dat gewelddadig extremisme alreeds wortel hebben geschoten in zijn utopische landje.

    1. Vladimir schreef:

      “heeft”. Sorry

  3. de jolige Francisco schreef:

    Canadian driftwood!

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