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Amerikaanse organisaties voor sociale wetenschappen zijn ideologisch gemotiveerde bedrijven.

”On February 15, the American Psychological Association (APA) Council of Representatives voted for a resolution opposing parental spanking (full disclosure: I serve on the APA Council of Representatives but speak only for myself). The resolution statement presented spanking research as if data conclusively links spanking to negative outcomes in children such as aggression or reduced intellectual development. I happen to do some research on spanking’s effects on children. Although I am by no means a spanking advocate, I was alarmed by the way an inconsistent, correlational, and methodologically weak research field that routinely produces weak effect sizes was mischaracterized as consistent and strong. Unfortunately, this resolution is part of a larger bias among professional guilds such as the APA, wherein messy science is laundered for public consumption, presenting it as more impressive than it actually is.

Many people in the general public believe that organizations such as the APA or American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) are neutral, objective scientific organizations or that they are even part of the government. But they are largely professional guilds wherein members like me pay dues to support their profession (both, but particularly the APA, are also publication houses). As a result, such organizations tend to market their fields much like any business markets its products. Impressive sounding science brings the field prestige, captures the attention of policy makers and helps members with grants, newspaper headlines, and career advancement.”


Link Spammer, 25 februari 2019  
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Jay 25 februari 2019

..socialisme, sociaal democratie, social media, social justice, sociale wetenschappen Wanneer worden we wakker uit de nachtmerrie en realiseren we ons dat "Social" gebruikt wordt om mensen optimaal te manipuleren? Het leidt naar een dystopie.

Bart van Zevenslooten 25 februari 2019

Daar hebben wij gelukkig geen last van. Gelukkig maar. We hebben genoeg aan de ideologisch gedreven wetenschappelijke instituten die wél in opdracht van de overheid onderzoek doen.