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Mesaanvallen UK steeds grotere crisis, eerste hulpen overspoeld, politie vooral bezig met bestrijden ‘hate speech’.


“The National Clinical Director for Trauma at NHS England, Professor Chris Moran highlighted the growing problem in comments this week, saying: “there’s a large number who’ve got very serious injuries who need the trauma team, they need admission, they need … intensive care… it means operating time is lost, while we do extra emergency cases.”

The UK’s knife crime epidemic is causing all patients to suffer across the NHS, a leading surgeon has warned.”


“Hospitals in the worst-affected areas are even stationing police officers on wards to protect patients and staff from gangs, he said. Professor Moran, the NHS’s leading trauma surgeon, also spoke of how the ‘sea change’ in stabbings had spread from inner cities to affect health services across England.

Knife crime has now reached record levels and figures last month showed 40,829 offences were recorded by police last year – an average of 112 a day.

He also spoke of how gangs ‘almost certainly’ armed with knives were coming in to wards to ‘finish the job’ on victims, forcing hospitals to deploy police officers and security guards. ‘It’s very common now almost daily in my hospitals and certainly in the London hospitals for us to have a permanent police guard on the ward,’ he added.

‘[They are] preventing reprisal attacks and also these days protecting the staff.

‘Sometimes the whole gang will turn up… and when 15 lads turn up on the wards and only two visitors are allowed in, they don’t take it well.’”


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NiemandAnders 16 mei 2019

Knives are the new guns! An average of 112 attacks a day on a population of 44 million. I am currious how many of those attacks result in death.    On the other hand, if I have to choose between knive or gun attacks, I'll choose knive. Less chance that innocent bystanders are hit.. I also wonder how it will take before someone proposses a ban on knives.

roos 16 mei 2019

meer diversiteit brengt alleen maar voordelen voor Europa, volgens de eurofielen

Kuipert 16 mei 2019

Niet iets slechts zeggen over de dagelijkse slachterij, dat zou onprettig kunnen zijn voor mensen hun gevoelens. Als makke schappen naar de slachtbank dus. Elke dag weer.

Cassandra 15 mei 2019

Importeer de derde wereld, word de derde wereld.

Kuipert 15 mei 2019

112 per dag? Groots dagelijks bloedbad. Wat een waardeloos rotland! Daar ga ik echt nooooooit heen. Gelukkig is het mantra wat ze spreken wel tolerant! Daar heb je veel aan als je darmen eruitliggen.